Top Rated Rowing Machines 2018: What Should You Buy?

Rowing machine is one of the best equipment for indoor workout to reduce extra calories of your body slowly. Moreover, this workout machine also works well for building up your muscles in a slow process. In order to burn your calories and build your muscle, you can also start using the rowing machine.

When you have the Best Rowing Machines in your home, you can start workout at any time. Going to the gym for the rowing machine daily is nothing but wasting some time. For that reason, you should know the Top Rated Rowing Machines along with some instructions of using the machine.


There are different types and styles of the rowing machines in the market and you should choose accordingly. If you are choosing the wrong style, you can easily get hurt. For that reason, this will be important to keep your research on for finding the best and affordable machine.

​On the other hand, you should go with the great rowing machine but it may charge you little more. Rowing machine for beginners will be appropriate for the new comers because they are simple to use but very beneficial to health.

Advantages of Using Rowing Machine

Using rowing machine is very beneficial to health because of its features and characteristics. You will always have an advantage of using the machine for workout especially when you will use this on your home.

  • Perfect for Aerobic Workout
  • Efficient for calorie burning
  • Building muscles of upper and lower body slowly
  • Low risk of injury


1. Perfect for Aerobic Workout

This is a workout machine that enables you to work out for raise your heart rate like you want. This has an adjustable resistance feature by which you can easily select and fix the heart rate on the machine. On the other hand, there are other options for oxygen uptake and control resting time. Wireless heart-rate chest strap are the devices that monitor the heart rate to show on the monitor.

2. Efficient for calorie burning

According to the health and gym trainers, you can burn up to 600 calories in an hour by using the rowing machine. Therefore, this is very easy and comfortable for any person to burn extra calories from body within a short time. Riding on the riding machine for an hour is equal to using the rowing machine for only 18 minutes.

3. Managing your of upper and lower body perfectly

Rowing machine enables your lower and upper body portions effectively. This will give a decent workout to your upper and lower body in order make your body perfect and enough strong. As a result, muscles of your leg, shoulder will increase randomly and have a good shape.

4. Low Risk of Injury

Rowing machine does not rush to your body workout and stress on your joints very fast. In fact, this workout machine works very slowly in order to minimize the effect along with keep the risk of injury very low. When you are using the stationary bike or riding machine, you can easily fall down and have an injury. Moreover, these items works very fast to your body joins that stresses it. But, rowing posture will always give a pressure free work to your body to reduce the injury risk.

How to Choose the Top Rated Rowing Machines 2018 for You?

This is important to choose the right and Top Rated Rowing Machines 2018 before proceeding to purchase. However, you will need to determine your goal first before finding the best machine for your home.


  • Weight Loss: This is the workout machine that will always help you to lose weight slowly and comfortably.
  • Building Strength: Different types of models help to reduce the tension level and give you a great time in the workout session.
  • Training purpose: Do you need any type of additional levels of resistance like heart rate control, or any special service? Hydraulic, magnetic and sculling are some of the resistance systems of the training purpose.
  • LCD Monitor: Some of the rowing machine comes with LCD monitor that displays different types of digital information. You can easily get the information of rowing velocity along with distance traveled in the machine. As a result, this will allow you to control and monitor your workout performance.
  • The position of the machine: The rowing machine should have adjustable and various options of position in order to workout. The most adjustable models will be a good option in order to set the position to get good benefits and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Measure the space of your home & the Machine’s need: Rowing machine comes with different sizes and shapes. For that reason, you will need to measure the space available in your home for the machine and compare with the models. Because of being a light weight model, you can easily carry or place them in the storage room too!

These are the things that you will need to consider while selecting the best rowing machine for your home.

Top Rated Rowing Machines Reviews 2018

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

Best Rowing Machine 2018


This is one of the indoor rowing machine, home-friendly outlook that takes little space to any space. Moreover, the manufacture gives extra attention on the flywheel design in order to erase any irritating noise. This 14-inch seat height will always provide you adjustable footrests and give you a good workout time.

​This is a low-impact workout to provide you a good performance monitor that will always give you accurate result. On the other hand, the adjustable monitor arm along with ergonomic handle will always provide you secure workout time. This will always boost your fitness level along with great value to your full body workout.

​You can also transfer the data to your PC or mobile phone in order to store and compare the results. This is a lightweight model with perfect dimension to give a suitable performance result.

2. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine Reviews 2018


​This is a steel frame construction rowing machine that is one of the suitable machines for indoor workout. On the other hand, the machine offers you a high range of adjustability to the gas-shock resistance to provide long experience.

​The comfortable and soft seat of the rowing machine will always attract you to the workout time. This is a portable and compact designed machine that will show you the perfect information to the monitor.

​You will have the information about calories burned, stroke count and workout time in the monitor perfectly. Moreover, this is a folding machine so that you can easily store it after workout. You can also use the hydraulic cylinder resistant to provide you a smooth workout and get easy assemble machine.

3. Stamina ATS Air Rower


This is a wind-resistance rowing machine to provide you a low-impact calorie burning opportunity. The compact design along with folding feature will give you an easy offer to use it in home to get health benefits.

​The monitor provides multi-function performance in order to show you various features and information to you. Therefore, you will have the information of calories burned along with distance and time of workout. As a result, this will always provide you a padded and user-friendly size customization option.

​In order to provide you slip resistant performance, the rowing machine offers floor protections. On the other hand, you will have built-in wheel in order to easy to move the machine to any place you want. You will get 3 years limited warranty for the rowing machine along with 90 days parts replacement warranty.

How to use Rowing Machine - Step by step

When you want to use the rowing machine in order to maximum the benefits, you will need to learn the perfect way to use the machine. For that reason, here is the step-by-step tutorial for you for using rowing machine.

  • Step-1: Customize Resistance setting: A dial in the rowing machine will be available for adjusting the level of the resistance. You will need to use the dial in order to set the resistance according to your energy and fatigue goal.
  • Step-2: Take your position on the machine: In this step, you will need to put your foot to the foot paddles and grab the pushing strip. Keep your elbow near to your body in this position.
  • Step- 3: Have the catch position: Each stroke’s starting position is known as catch position. Therefore, you will need to extent arms forward and straight in order to pull the stroke to you.
  • Step- 4: Take on a drive position: You will need to pull the stroke against your foot pads by powering it. You will need to maintain straight arms and back side. You will need to pull downwards towards your abdomen. This is just like the way that you do in a boat riding, therefore, like oar out of the water.
  • Step- 5: Going to the Finishing Position: You will need to back to your hips in order to have the finishing position. You will need to keep your legs extend fully at the finishing motion of the stroke.
  • Step- 6: Proceed to the Recovery Position: This is the finishing stage where you will keep your arms straight to the flywheel and go forward to lift the stroke.
  • Step- 7: Take the Catch Position Again: As soon as you reach to the recovery position, you will need to follow the steps again as much as you want to do the workout. Always remember that you should keep the elbow, arm and legs according to the instruction to avoid injury.


Q-1: Do I need higher budget for buying a rowing machine?

Q-2: How do I learn to use the machine?

Q-3: How do I Select the Goal of my workout?

Q-4: How much time do I need to spend for Rowing Machine?


You will be delighted to have a rowing machine in your home to get the health benefits as well as lower the injury risk. By using the workout machine properly, you will always have the health activity as well as buildup muscles slowly. However, this is important to select the best and suitable style of the machine according to your home. Otherwise, you may invest a high amount of money but results in zero for no health beneficial conditions.


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