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Best Serger Machine Reviews – Read This Guide Before You Buy

When it comes to the point of buying sewing machine, you should choose the best sewing machine. If you become failure of buying the best sewing machine, you may not able to sew your cloth as expected.

There is no alternative of having a good Serger sewing machine in order to sew over the edge of the cloth. The website is about the best Serger sewing machine reviews so that you can find the best machines in the market. Moreover, we are focusing on the buying guideline so that you can identify the best and most suitable machine for your work!


A sneak peak at the Top 10 best Serger machines online

Don’t you understand which serger machine to select to purchase? Then, you must have a look at the top 10 best serger machine online comparison table in the bellow.

​The table contains the pros, cons and other main features with price comparison of the products. Therefore, this will give you a better understand about the machines and have an easy way to select the most appropriate machine for you!

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Serger Machine!

Reviews of Top 3 Best Serger Machines for You

In order to make your selection easier, here are the top 3 best serger machine review for you. Have a look at the reviews and select the most suitable machine for your home right now!

1. Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Easy Lay in Threading with Differential Feed


Via Amazon.com

This is a ¾ thread serger machine to provide you a high performance sewing experience. You will have a variety of fabric options by using the machine. You will have 22 built-in stitch designs in order to have a good design to your cloth.

This is a professional level serger machine that ensures to deliver quality stitch on different types of fabrics. On the other hand, the machine is very easy to use for the beginners.

The serger machine is controlled by foot along with soft cover and easy to thread the needle. You can use either 4-thread or 3-thread in the serger with easy ribbon lock stitch option. Brother sewing machine brand offers the users 25-year limited warranty for the machine that dictates lifetime warranty too!

2. Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger


Via Amazon.com

This is one of the most reliable serger machines of Brother Brand that offers 2 sets of starter kit to the users. As a result, you will not need to buy any extra accessories while purchasing the machine. The starter wit will allow you to create customized design using the stitches of the machine along with the thread.

You can create the designs very quickly and comfortably because the machine offers more than 1,300 stitches. Therefore, use every single stitch; customize it in order to make a new user. Moreover, you will have easy color coded threading feature that make it easy for any beginner.

You will have option between 3mm and 7mm to customize the stitch width in order to create creative design. Moreover, the Brother Serger machine will ensure to provide durable and quality stitch option to any type of fabric.

3. Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch


Via Amazon.com

The serger machine provides professional stitch and finishing to most of the types of fabric. You will have different feed option along with chain stitch capability. By using 3-thread with different colors, you can have a great design in your fabric.

You will have two needle 2-3-4 threads stitching with full speed in the machine. On the other hand, you will have 3mm to 6mm cover stitch capability in the machine. On the other hand, the machine is very user-friendly especially easy to learn to the first time serger machine users.

This lightweight machine provides easy to make new designs using more than 1000 stitches design. Moreover, the stitch width customization option will always give you a perfect finishing. This small designed Brother Serger is perfectly matched for personal use as well as commercial use.

Key Things to Look Out for When Buying a Serger Machine

There are many things to look out for whining buying a Serger sewing machine. As they are little bit different from normal sewing machines, you will need to have additional prospects before buying it for your personal work.

  • Choose the capability of Thread
  • Consider additional features
  • Price of the Serger Machine
  • Reviews of the Machine

Choose the capability of Thread

There are different types of models depending of the thread capability. You will have 3, 4 and 5-thread capability machines in the market. If you want to have a cheap Serger machine, you will need to choose the 3-thread machine. However, the 5-thread model will provide you automatic jet stream threading capability.

Consider additional features

Some of the Serger sewing machine provides additional features than normal models. You will have a variety of bells and whistles in the machine. Moreover, there are different ways to adjust the fabrics and needles threader. In addition, you will have computerized, electric as well as mechanical method to power the machine.

Price of the Serger Machine

Normally, the price of the Serger machine is higher than normal sewing machine. For that reason, you will need to consider the price and your budget. Normally, the larger Serger machine will need a big amount of budget to deal with. Moreover, the branded machines’ price will be expensive than normal machines.

Reviews of the Machine

You will need to give extra care to the Serger machine reviews because this is the best way to know the specifications, the value, and quality and performance level of the machine. Moreover, you will also get idea about troubleshoot of any particular model very easily.

How to use serger machine - Step by step

This is important to use the serger machine perfectly in order to ensure good and long time performance from the machine. Therefore, here is the step-by-step tutorial in order to use the serger machine in home to get maximum benefits and longtime service.

Step-1: Turn-On the Machine

First of all, you will need to turn-on the serger machine to start work.

Step-2: Pick-Up the Presser Foot

You will need to pick-up the presser foot in order to keep the fabric in the machine.

Step-3: Lift the Needle by Turning the Needle Dial

You will need to life the needle using the dial option carefully and slowly.

Step-4: Use the Serger Machine by Slide the Fabric under the Presser Foot

You will need to slide the fabric under the presser foot. However, you should use the right type of fabric because all serger machines cannot deal with all types of fabrics.

Step-5: Keep the Presser Foot Lower To Start Using the Machine

You will need to lower the presser foot in order to start sewing. Make sure that you have use the presser foot perfectly on the right place.

Step-6: Start Sewing Using the Serger

You will need to follow the manual guideline in order to needle the serger machine. Don’t forget to watch out the recommended needle and thread before start using the machine.

Step-7: Take a Scrap of Fabric to Ensure Thread Is Good

You should always use a scrap fabric before going with the main fabric sewing. Most of the times the stitch is not good or you may not adjust the customizations perfectly.


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Hope, the article will help you in the best way because you have the 10 serger machine comparison along with top 3 serger machine review. Moreover, you have understood the things you need to consider while purchasing the machine. For that reason, try to follow the guidelines in order to have a better and high performing serger machine for your home or commercial garments.


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