How to Unlock a Miter Saw

Miter saw is very essential tool used in woodwork. With it, you’ll be able to cut wood so that it looks professionals. This is a must-have tool for the woodworkers and carpenters. It is extremely portable and can be setup easily. When it's not in use, it can be folded to create handling easy plus safe.

​A charged power miter saw lends a specialist touch to carpentry. It's lightweight, creates in moments and folds into an easy package which an easy task to handle. The particular device includes 2 different locks that assist to create usage safe plus to make the saw give accurate outcomes.

The initial lock that is located behind the particular tool settings the particular blades along motion as the angles are usually controlled by the next lock located in front side of the lock. In order to unlock the miter’s saw, listed below are the particular steps to check out:


​The particular lock comprises the knob that regulates it and a pin number. The knob is situated by the end of the pin also to launch the blade or lock, you need to drive or draw it all. The model of the particular miter saw that you’re using will figure out whether you'll turn the knob or even not really in order to launch or lock the particular blade. However, generally in the maximum miter saw, the particular knob is pulled either inward or even outward to be able to lock or launch the blade.

Down Position Lock

The blade in the down position keeps the saw safe for transporting and carrying, and anytime the saw isn't used. The safeguard covers top of the section of the blade. One's teeth or lower torso of the blade will be tucked below the table safely, secured in back again where in fact the blade pivots. Individual knob settings the particular lock.

Push or even Pull

The lock includes a pin and knob. Pull or drive the knob on the finish of the pin to release or lock the blade. Based on the model, it might require twisting, but is an inward typically, outward motion of the pin. The blade should lift up once the pin is released automatically. The blade should be covered by the guard since it lifts. If it generally does not, it's likely unclean or stuck and really should be cleaned to go openly with the blade.

Angle locks


The particular angles are controlled by both seals on the saw’s front side. The blade’s left-to-right swivel action is locked by the big, horizontal knurled button as the presets with regard to regular angles are usually locked by the handle within the knob. The lever might be on the knob but the location differs from model to model. Of the position regardless, the setting of operation may be the same. There are several versions that not include any locking controls on the front. The lever and knob operates simultaneously to be able to lock degrees.

​To unlock the particular blade’s side-to-side rotating actions, you need to distort the knurled button. In the event that you loosen the particular knob, the miter saw shall become unlocked and when you tighten it, it'll be locked then. It is possible to release the preset angle lock by depressing the lever utilizing the index or center finger. The handle is springtime packed. So, you need to use mild force to be able to depress the handle.

Knurled Knob Lock

Twist the rough knob counterclockwise in order to unlock the side-to-side swivel actions from the blade.

Preset Angle Lock

Depress the particular lever to release the particular preset position. It can spring loaded; utilize the index or center finger to depress it.

The Swivel plus Lock

It is possible to adjust the position by swiveling the particular handle as you depress the lever. Allow preset angles be involved by the lever and prevent swiveling at any time for custom angles. If lever gets on the preset steps, you'll feel it and you will see click sound to point that.

To unlock a miter saw is not very difficult task. By following some instruction you can easily unlock your miter saw. For your convenience, I have discussed about some tips on unlock a miter saw. So follow the above techniques and will be able to unlock your miter saw easily.


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