How to Fix Cordless Drill Battery?

Do you have a cordless drill machine for drilling? Then, you must face a day when the battery is dead. This is the worse problem for the users of a cordless drill. Most of the users prefer to purchase a new battery instead of fixing it. On the other hand, many do not know how to fix cordless drill battery properly

​Today we will show you the right way to fix a cordless drill battery so that you can easily turn it on. This is a simple and easy to do for any person. However, you may need certain things in order to make your dead battery flashing within few minutes.



The first step is to unpack the battery for fixing it. However, there are certain things that you need to know. You might not want to open messy battery for fixing.

​When you will look for opening the battery, you may face three types of design.

  • Basic Screws: This screw is easy to untie in order to open the battery. You can use any similar size drivers in order to open it!
  • Special Screws: This is a bit difficult for any person. This is a special security bits. Therefore, you will need to buy a special opener to open the batteries.
  • No Screws: This is the hardest part because there is no screw in the box. The batteries are not designed to open, attached with glues. Therefore, you may need to break the box for opening it. In this case, you may not go for opening because this is messy.


In the second stage, you will need to know certain things about the battery. Those things are important in order to understand the right way to fix the dead battery of drill.

  • Size: You can’t use bigger batteries than you have in your drill machine. The space is limited and you need to choose the batteries very carefully. You should try to find out the right size of the used batteries and then, approach to buy them.
  • Capacity: In this case, you can upgrade your battery capacity. You should have better knowledge about mah power. The more mah of the batteries, the more powerful it is. Moreover, the price level also increases with the power. But, check the limitation of the capacity of batteries in your drill tool before you purchase.
  • Type: There are many types of batteries available in the market; they might be NiCad, NiMh, or Lithium-ion battery. Therefore, check the type and purchase the right type of battery. Otherwise, you may not be able to get good performance.
  • Voltage: Check the batteries in order to determine the right voltage. If the voltage is not mentioned in the batteries, you should do math. Or, you can go with the same voltage to make it safe


This is a simple process to replace your drill battery with new and fixes it. In this case, you will need to disconnect the old battery connections.

​Then, you will need to remove the old battery pack and replace the new batteries. After connect the connections with the new batteries properly.

​Don’t forget to attach the sensor with the batteries. Otherwise, the batteries will not work properly. Make sure every connection is solid enough to provide you the best performance and power for work.

​Note: You should not throw the batteries anywhere because this is illegal in many places. Therefore, you should provide them for reusable or recycle process. Or, you can give them to any person who can make use of the dead batteries.


These are the basic steps in order to fix cordless drill battery tool. Don’t go for hard steps because they can mess up you. In addition, you can also contact with the dealer or retailer in order to repair your drill battery tool.

​But, the steps are easy and simple to complete. If you face any problem in the steps or have confusion, feel free to ask!


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