Cleaning the Rowing Machine after Exercise & Training

Rowing machine is one of the best things to invest in order to work out in the gym or home. You will find many models of the rowing machine that are available in different prices. However, you need to clean the machine properly after the training. Otherwise, the machine will lose its efficiency level in a short time. As a result, your full investment in the machine will go in vain. Therefore, this is really important to know that you should learn about the machine more and get a good return.

​Today, we will show you the right way to clean the rowing machine after exercise and training for you. Therefore, you will have the right way to clean and maintain the machine to use it for a long time. The cleaning process is really important because this will keep the machine work for your better health and fitness.


For cleaning, you will need certain things that are mentioned bellow-

  • Paper towel or cotton cloth
  • Water in spray bottle
  • Lubricate oil or any recommended oil

The full cleaning rowing machine is divided into several parts. Therefore, you will need to understand the process and progress the method in time.

  • Cleaning The Rowing Seat
  • Cleaning The Rowing Handle
  • Cleaning The Rowing Slide
  • Cleaning The LCD/LED Monitor
  • Maintain The Handle Chain & Keep It Proper Place

1. Cleaning the Rowing Seat

You will need to spray the water in the seat where you are sitting for the rowing workout. In this case, first spray the water and then, take a paper towel in order to clean it properly.

2. Cleaning the Rowing Handle

Cleaning the handle is like the same way you clean the seat. However, you will need to apply the water in the handle only. Some of the users prefer to spray water to the chair as well. However, this is not the right way for treating the chain because this could lead you to the damage. Some rowing machine chains are not rust free; therefore, applying chain will invite corrosion to damage.

3. Cleaning the Rowing Slide

The rowing slide is another important part to be cleaned properly. Use the same way like we have mentioned before. However, one additional thing you will need to keep in your mind. Sometimes, you forget to clean the slide under the seat. For that reason, change the place of the seat in the order to clean under the seat area too!

4. Cleaning the LCD/LED Monitor

You will use the water spray for cleaning the monitor as well. But, there is a concerning point that you will need to know. Don’t spray water directly to the monitor. In fact, you will need to spray the water to the cloth or paper towel in a small proportion and then, clean the monitor. Applying water directly to the monitor can cause troubleshoot too!

5. Maintain the Handle Chain & Keep It Proper Place

Sometimes you are not aware of keeping the handle in the right place. You should keep the handle towards the machine, not in the slide bar rack. This will loss the chain of the rowing machine and reduces the efficiency too.

​Another thing is to apply lubricate oil to the chain in order to keep it smooth. In this case, you can consider the manual instruction in order to maintain the chain properly. If you notice any rust or rough rowing system, you will need to apply the oil immediately in order to keep the chair good.


These are the ways that will help you to clean the rowing machine after exercise and training. You will need to think about the rowing machine and apply the water properly. If you need any solution or have alternative idea, feel free to discuss with us!


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