Custom embroider your hat with the Brother PE-770

Whether you are wanting to embroider a hat for your own personal use or designing custom designs to embroider hats on a larger scale, the Brother PE-770 is the machine to do it with.

​In fact the Brother PE-770 can embroider on almost anything. A peak, baseball cap, or as the fashion gurus call it, the dad hat, has become extremely popular, especially when custom designs are printed, or embroidered on it.

​Before we move onto the ins and outs of embroidering your dad hat, let us have a more indepth look at your PE-770.


​The Brother PE-770

Besides being absolutely perfect for a small business or personal use, the machine itself is extremely easy to use. The Brother PE-770 does not cost a fortune and you could pick one up for around $500. The embroidery machine comes with a detailed instruction manual to assist you with the process of learning to navigate through the digitized functions. The machine is also compatible with all .pes files. The machine itself is one of the best on the market and extremely popular for its power, speed and user-friendly design. The main features of the Brother PE-770 are as follows:

  • Intuitive black and white LCD Screen display
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 136-built in designs
  • Mirror-image and rotate functionality
  • Pre-stitching editing function
  • 6 different fonts for lettering
  • USB port and card slot
  • 650 stitches per minute speed
  • 5” x 7” hoop, this is also the embroidery area size.

To custom design or not

If you have a rough idea about the ins and outs of graphic design, Coreldraw or other programs in a lower league can be of great use when wanting to create a custom design and upload it to your Brother PE-770. However if you are not that clued up in the graphic design department, don’t worry. Brother’s website ibroidery has exclusive .pes files just waiting for you to download and start embroidering with right away. The designs on offer range between Marvel logos and characters to beloved Disney characters, there are trending designs and old fashioned paisley designs too. They are all professionally designed without error which is something that can happen if you try it yourself.

If you would rather have a custom made design but you’re too afraid to try the design software yourself, there are graphic designers out there willing to design you any .pes file that you wish, for a nominal fee of course.

How to embroider a hat

A dad-hat or baseball cap is a tricky object to embroider and does take some skillful manipulation with pins and maneuvering. The hat is also one of the most rewarding as the price to purchase a cap is around $7 compared to other items that can cost anywhere from $20 - $30 an item. When starting out your small embroidery business, remember to keep in mind the cost of the items, your time and the cost of embroidery cotton, and all the other usables.

So with your hoop, cap and stabilizer in hand. A good stabilizer is a tear and wash medium weight one. Open the thumb screw of the hoop and place in the stabilizer, lining it up with the cap. Your design should be loaded to your machine, either via USB or a pre-loaded design that comes with the machine.

You should also decide where on the hat you would like to embroider. There is a slight layout difference between all the places, however the principles stay the same.

Front and side embroidery on your hat

Flatten the hat, if there are no lines that fold from front to back then a ruler and white fabric pencil is necessary. Line the front and back of the hat properly. With a ruler and your fabric pencil mark the necessary points so that your design can be perfectly aligned to the middle of the cap. The worst thing is a fantastic design, loads of embroidery cotton, and then the design is just a little too skew to wear.

Next take the hoop and load in your stabilizer. Make double sure that there are no creases when you finally fasten the thumb screws. On the inside of the hat is a fold sometimes, use pins to pin this toward the front of the cap. Next use pins to outline a flat area where your embroidery design will go. Now, lightly spray your adhesive such as Sulk KK 2000 onto your stabilizer. Place your cap with the flat part onto the stabilizer. Pin your hat down onto the stabilizer into the hoop.

Line up the needle with your area of design. Make sure that your hoop lines up with the left hand side and it locks in with an evident clicking sound. For arguments sake let us say that we are loading a name onto the Brother PE-770. Choose your letters, your layout, and make sure that you check and recheck the sizes of the design. Position it, and save the setting that you have made. Now click the green button located above your hat. When a part of the design is highlighted in black on the LCD screen then that is the letter that it is busy embroidering.

When the machine is complete with the design, carefully remove your hat and lift the foot if necessary, so as not to break the needle. Cut off the excess threads and tear away the excess stabilizer at the back. And voila, you have a fantastic new cap! Happy wearing your new Brother PE-770 embroidered creation!


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