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Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Reviews: A Best Machine For Your Embroidery Projects

You are a professional embroidery worker or you required an embroidery machine for home task, you need to make a prudent buying decision. There are many best embroidery machines available in the market and you need to make selection. These different choices make it difficult for buyer to determine what to buy.

From a buyer’s point of view, perfection and features of the product have great importance. My website has the different best embroidery machine reviews which will greatly assist you to compare different embroidery machines and make a rational buying decision.


Brother™ PE-770 Embroidery Machine Overview

Below is the review of a best embroidery machine Brother PE770:

  • Brother PE770 is the Embroidery Only Machine which provides you a great opportunity to create beautiful embroidered design and to deal with numerous embroidery projects. This feature-rich machine comes with 136 built-in designs and 6 embroidery alphanumeric fonts. This best embroidery machine can reach to a maximum speed of up to 650 stitches per minute.
  • You can take your embroidery projects to the next level with the impressive user-friendly PE770 embroidery machine offered by Brother. With the help of its expansive 5 by 7-inch embroidery field, you can easily stitch larger designs suitable for bags, jackets, T-shirts and for other home decoration items. Another best thing is that it has more space to rotate and combine different designs, frames, lettering and borders for truly custom creations.
  • You may choose a more appropriate design for any of your specific project from the built-in library of 136 impressive designs, and you may use the built-in USB port to import more designs. There are many sites on internet offering free and paid design, you can download them and import in your machine. By the help of Brother PE770 built-in memory you may save your downloaded or purchased designs for future use.
  • It’s included 136 built-in beautiful embroidery designs offers beautiful scrollwork, traditional quilt patterns, intricate florals and much more. It also comes with 12 delicate border styles and 10 frame shapes.
  • The Brother PE770 embroidery machine is perfect for home embroiderer as well as for professional embroiderer who are looking for a fast, reliable and versatile, embroidery machine for their embroidery projects.
  • This feature-rich embroider only machine is backed by a 25-year warranty and also offers free phone support for the life of the machine. This embroidery machine has been awarded a "Consumers Digest Best Buy" and this award is given to those products which offer the most customer value against a given amount of money.
  • It has an easy-to-view LCD display screen of 1.4-inch by 2.7-inch. By the help of this large and easy to use touch screen you can easily access your designing and editing options. This large touch screen assists you greatly in design editing, increasing and decreasing the size of selected designs, and you may also see that how edited or selected design looks before stitching.
  • Brother PE770 offers automatic needle threader for reliable bobbin and top threading. Its automatic thread cutter greatly enhances accuracy of thread trimming and consistent stitching.
  • Included accessories of Brother PE770 are Seam ripper, 5 by 7-inch embroidery hoop , bobbins, Embroidery arm, needle set, scissors, power cord, cleaning brush, Dust cover , screw drivers, spool net, spool caps, accessory bag and a bilingual (English and Spanish) operational manual.

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The best features of Brother PE770 in one glimpse:

  • Ample 5 by 7-inch embroidery area
  • Offers embroidery card slot
  • Large and easy user interface LCD touch screen display
  • Automatic needle threader for easy threading
  • Design editing options and features
  • Built-in memory to import designs
  • Automatic thread trimmer

Draw backs of Brother PE770 are:

  • The picture sometime remains not clear on LCD display when you start stitching.
  • In some cases the hoop of the machine is such a tight fit that you really need to it press down.
  • Brother PE770 is not recommended for those countries that do not support an electricity power of 120V AC.

Brother PE-770 Set Up including Threading

There are many embroider machines available in the market some of them are best embroidery machines, some other are the combination of embroider and sewing machine, so you can select an embroidery machine which suits your requirement best. Pulling it all together I will say that the Brother PE770 is an excellent embroidery machine for versatile embroidery projects.

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