Brother PE-500 A Cheap Embroidery Machine For You!

PE-500 is a truly affordable feature-rich embroidery machine offered by brother. This brother machine is a multi functional, easy-to-use and highly affordable. In spite of the price concern this embroidery machine PE-500 comes up with top class features and functions, even that such features and functions can’t be obtained from any other more expensive machine at the same time. This makes the embroidery work entertaining and comfortable.


​If you are a sewer and you are also interested in learning embroidery for the first time, or if you already doing embroidery projects and you are looking for more new and creative embroidery designs, the PE-500 is a perfect choice for you. By the help of this feature-rich equipment you can add many new fashionable embellishments on a cloth.

You can make different charming designs on hand-bags and T-shirts as well as you can personalize blanket and pillows as a gift for friends and family. You can also use it for different home decoration task and for personalization of other home accessories with monograms. Simply the PE-500 offers you unlimited options of embroidery.

​Although it is a lightweight embroidery machine, but it is considered the work horse capable of many embroidery tasks on delicate materials, from silk to sturdier fabrics and denim. If you never did embroidery and you are not sure how to start? No matter! This machine will greatly help you to learn from very start.

Below are the best features of PE-500:

Large 4 by 4-inch Embroidery Area

The ample 4 by 4-inch embroidery area of this machine gives you a creative freedom room to create different designs. It is easy to learn and its spacious area allows you to implement your creativity on a piece of cloth.

User interface Touch-Screen Display

The PE-500 backlit LCD touch screen give you access to its 70 built-in designs, and through this touch screen you can control and edit your design. You can see your design on it that how they looks before stitching it on fabrics. Best thing is that you can view built-in tutorials to learn embroidery.

Automatic Needle Threader & Bobbin Preparation

Due to its automatic needle threaded now you just toss away the tweezers, and forget your magnifying glass. Your machine can be threaded with just a single touch. Along with easy threading PE-500 offers comfortable bobbin winding method with the help of which bobbin can be prepared quickly.

Computer Connectivity to import Different Design


By the help of its computer connectivity feature you can easily connect it to your PC and internet. After connecting you can import thousands of embroidery designs and patterns for your different embroidery projects. You can also purchase more attractive and versatile designs from different online embroidery website s as well as you can save them for the future use. Computer connectivity also allows you to update your PE-500 by downloading recent machine updates.

​Bilingual Manual & Warranty

This machine has a bilingual (English and Spanish) user manual which guides user about machine usage and applications. PE-500 also comes with limited warranty of 25-year, and it also offers free phone support for the long life of the machine.

Starter Kit & Included Accessories


Its starter kit includes 3 spools of embroidery thread and 3 sheets of medium-weight stabilizer. Its included accessories are starter set of stabilizer, hoop, thread, needle set etc, so you can practically start embroidery after pulling it out from bag.

​Some Minor Blemishes of PE-500 are:

Despite its all best features there are still some complaints of this machine. A major complaint is that the hoop of this machine is too small. Some user also wants that it should have larger embroidery area of 5 by 5-inch which will offer more freedom room for designs.

Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine Design Set Up

Summing up I will say that PE-500 is a feature rich embroidery machine with very affordable price so it is also considered amongst the cheap embroidery machines. If you have a low budget and you want to enjoy embroider then this is the best option for you, without wasting your more time you should purchase it to start your embroidery projects.


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