Making Picture Frames with a Sliding Mitre Saw

Before we get into how we can use a miter saw to make photo frames it would be very wise to learn what a miter saw is and what it can do for us. This wonderful gadget is known as a drop saw and is often used to make very precise crosscut at a particular angle.

This saw is often used in operations that require framing and for cutting any molding. These saws are quite small and you can carry them around easily, these saws have standard blade sizes that range from eight to about twelve inches.


The saw basically cuts by spinning in a circular motion in a controlled manner. The object is usually placed on a fence. The default position is about 90 degrees. These saws have been around since the 70’s in various forms. During the 80’s the saws underwent a change in design in order to increase productivity. Since then this has become a primary tool for any woodworking.

Getting started

Off late picture frames have become quite expensive, so why pay silly prices when you can make them at home with a miter saw. Now if you ask anyone who have made picture frames before then you will know that it is not as easy as it may sound. There are a lot of things that you have to take care of while trying to make a frame with this gadget.

Firstly the two opposite sides of the frame have to be of the same length. Sometimes it so happens that the inner edges of the frame do not meet with one another, but that is simply because you have missed the perfect angle by a degree or two. To rectify this mistake people often re cut the edges which will only makes things worse. To avoid this you should use the miter saw. You will need some clamps you may need more than two clamps if needed. You are going to need a backer board that needs to be clamped firmly on to your miter saw.

Now you must see to it that the board is perfectly straight. The length and thickness of the board will depend on the kind of saw that you are going to use. Now most miter saws come with blades but if you want great results you may have to go shopping for an 82 teeth blade. Here are some great tips that you can follow.

  • If you have bought a new saw then simply un-box it
  • Plug it in and install the blade properly
  • After that you can place your backing board under the blade and cut of a 4inch piece
  • You can use the 4 inch piece as a gauge for marking
  • Now you must also make sure that the blade is positioned at 45 degrees
  • To make sure that the saw is at 45 degrees you can measure it using a carpenter’s square.
  • Carry out a few test cuts
  • Then measure the angle of the cut using a carpenter’s square, if you get about 45.1 degrees it means things are looking good.
  • Once you are done with the test run, you can now start using the drill on the real framing materials.

So you see that making frames is not really tough provided you follow the tips mentioned above. You may face some difficulty initially but eventually you will get there.

Frequrently asked questions

Q. Is the machine safe to use?

Ans. Yes it is very safe to use provided you follow instructions in the manual

Q. Is the installation process very complicated?

Ans. Not at all, you can set this up within a few minutes

Q. What do I do if the gadget malfunctions?

Ans. Simply get in touch with the company

Q. Are they expensive?

Ans. Well that depends on the brand and features of the saw


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