Best Miter Saw Reviews 2018: A Look at the Top Picks

Miter saw is one of the most important parts in functioning workshop in the modern days. This is the tool that helps to cut quickly wooden and steel metal into different structures to make a proper structure. Therefore, you will need to select the right and best miter saw in the market.

​Having the bet miter saw in your workshop is always a great advantage. This will indicate you that you will have the best thing for cutting and making a good shape or structure. There are basically three types of miter saws available in the market. You will need to buy the best type of miter saw that you need, depending on your experience.


Why you should purchase a Miter Saw?

  • Do you see a person working with miter saw? Most of you do not know why you need the tool in your workshop. This is a type of tool that provides easy way to make shapes and have a good cutout.
  • The miter saw comes with different features that help to cut wooden frames in order to make great furniture. You can easily cut the things, using the machine and prepare in a short time.
  • Using other tools will take time and can’t be able to give enough accuracy. However, the best miter saw can provide you the right way to deal with the problem and give the finest finishing to the furniture.

Tips to choosing the right Miter Saw for You



When you have determined that you will also need to buy the best miter saw, you will need to look in the market. Don’t become confused for too many models available of the miter saw machine. Therefore, some tips can give you the best help in order to track your lines.

  • Determine the right type of the miter saw
  • Choose the tool that comes with positive stops for easy angle setup
  • Can provide you the ability to change the blades easily and comfortably
  • Features with laser guide in order to get accurate cutting experience
  • There should be a work stand to have a perfect cutting experience
  • The tool should have dust collection design to boost the performance
  • The model should come with an electric brake
  • The handle of the machine should be comfortable enough to work with it
  • Always think about the power of the motor that the machine offering. There will be 10 to 15 amp power edition in the marker. Higher power means higher efficiency.

Top 3 Best Miter Saw Review 2018

If you are not able to find the top miter saws in the market, you are highly recommended to have a look the following tools. We have researched the market; analyze the performance collected from the users in order to give you the recommendation. These are the best miter saws in the market that are both efficient and affordable for purchase.

1. DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw



This is one of the professional level miter saws in the market, from Dewalt, that is a popular brand for this type of tool. The 5 amp motor will provide you long time power ability with more than 4,000 rpm speed. Moreover, the stainless steel miter provides you the best experience to cut and make a proper structure or furniture.

The miter saw offers you 11 positive stops angles in order to cut any angle that you want. Moreover, the system and fence support is perfect for getting full accuracy level from the machine. Don’t worry about the design because you will have a proper space in the machine for sliding out and cut out.

The 12-inch blade is powerful and durable to ensure long time experience. Moreover, the versatility of the machine is 0 to 50 degrees that is enough for having good cutting angles. Moreover, this is a portable and comparatively small machine that provides you the option to make it easy for storing and moving the tool.

2. Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw



This is an affordable miter saw for the households and other non-professional people. This also provides professional standard work result to ensure quality result. This miter saw is providing positive miter stops that provide specific angles very easily.

The bevel adjustment is very skill and ensure to quality service. You will get up to 45 degrees to provide you accurate cuts. Moreover, the elastomer grip option is very easy and comfortable handle. As a result, you will get the horizontal handles that will not vibrate. For that reason, you can easily adjust and control the handles to work with the miter saw.

The quality of the blades is immense that ensures to provide flexible and durable tow or. As a result, you will always get a perfection cutting to create any furniture. The 4-inch cutting flip fence helps to get a particular easily to fix the problems. This is really a plus point to have the miter saw, because this is a 15 amp motor power to increase the ability to work at home for your project.

3. DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw


This is a high quality compound miter saw that provides 3800 rpm motor speed in order to ensure quality cutting. The 15 amp power motor is qualified to deal with heavy workload along with durable performance. The 12-inch cutting blade is durable and enough sharp to ensure good finishing too.

There will be an integrated XPS cross cut positing system that provides you to fix the place very easy. Moreover, you will not need to adjust the cut line when cutting it because of this feature. Moreover, you will have different cutting degrees because of having back fence design.

You will be design because of 10 positive stops to get great productivity and accuracy level. You will have stainless steel miter plate that is high quality and durable. For that reason, you will never need to think twice before working with the compound miter saw.

The tool is also efficient to collect your dust that you have generated during working. The design is perfect for collecting dust very easily in order to reduce your workload. However, you will not find any stand in the miter saw.

How to use Miter Saw - Step by step

Before you are going to use miter saw for cutting the joints, you must know how to use the machine. If you are a newbie, you must look for the best way to use the machine properly. Therefore, we have made step by step process that will teach you to use the miter saw efficiently to cut the joints and make great furniture.


First of all, you will need to determine the size and action that you will need for cutting. There will be different sizes of blades and plates available for cutting. Therefore, fix the blade that will be perfect for your cutting.


Now you will need to know the right speed level that you are going to use for cutting. Measure it before you the machine is a good option.


You will need to select the right place to work with the miter saw. You can use any of your room that has enough space to keep the too. However, you will need a stand like a wooden table will be a better option for keeping the miter saw.


You will have manual instruction with the tool. For the first time, you should read the manual instruction in order to understand the process. This is really important to know more about the tool before you proceed.


Now it’s time to be familiar with the parts that your miter saw is offering. Moreover, you should know the functions of each of the parts before you going to use them.


Release the blade of the miter saw for cutting. In this case, take the material that you will cut and place it in the reticle position in the fence.


Now it’s time to turn on the miter saw for cutting. Always use pencil in order to mark the place for cutting. Mreoover, you should not force the blade to go through for cutting.


Then, you should take down the miter saw blade for cutting the wooden material that you need. Before taking down, you should fix the level and angle of cutting properly.

Now your task is finished. Just familiar with the functions of the miter saw, change the angles of the miter saw so that you can easily make a desirable action.

Maintaining your Miter Saw

Using and maintaining miter saw is not hard but little bit tricky. You will always need to be careful in order to maintain the miter saw and make it able to use for a long time.

​When you are using a miter saw, you should be careful before you switch-on the machine. Make sure the blades are adjusted and fixed properly before you start the machine.

​Are you a newbie of using the tool? Then, you must have the instruction book that will provide you the way to use the tool. Therefore, have a look at the book and learn the proper usage. Moreover, you should always know the right adjustments for working.

​Don’t forget to clear the miter saw daily; especially remove the dust after work. You will always get manual maintenance instruction with the tool that will always help you to use it. Make sure that you are not running the machine for so long that it is overheating. It increases the vibration level and makes strange sounds. Take the machine to an expert in case you are facing some troubles with your miter saw for fixing the problem.

​Some Tips for Cleaner Miter Saw Cuts

There are various factors that you have to take into consideration if you want cleaner cuts. Miter saws are wonderful gadgets that increase your productivity by leaps and bounds but to get the most out of them you must pick the right one that will serve your purpose. You must know that the saws are available in a wide variety that differs in size and function.

If you are looking to get cleaner cuts then go for the 60 tooth blade instead of the general purpose blade. You must also decide how much power you want for the job to get done. A normal miter saw will use 12 to 15 amps. If you want to cut through big and tough pieces then you should look at the models that are used in the industry. However these models may require different wiring and can also be a bit heavy.

Here are some Tips for Cleaner Miter Saw Cuts that will make it even lucid about maintaining these power tools in details.

Tips for Cleaner Miter Saw Cuts

Well we have tried our best to compile a list of things that you can do with your miter saw in order to keep it maintained. In this regards mention has to be made about the following facts:

  • 1. Always choose the right blade - As already explained choose the 60 tooth blade that has more precision and leaves no splinters unlike other blades. Let’s say the 40 tooth is used for general purposes but it seldom would bring precsion to your work.
  • 2. Keep the blades clean - This is no rocket science as this the thumb rule of any workstation. You need to keep your work station clean and in this case wood gets baked on the edges of the blades regular cutting. All you need is to clean the blades with a preferably citrus based blade cleaner or you can use laundry cleaner also. However make sure that you use carbide free detergent as it can ruin the blades otherwise.
  • 3. Close the gaps - Yes minimize the gaps or better close them on the base while cutting wood. You can use additional plywood or even tape the base while cutting. This will add more precision to your cutting like if you were making a frame or a jewelry box.
  • 4. Markings - As far as the Tips for Cleaner Miter Saw Cuts are concerned it has to be stated that making markings on the wood before cutting can give it a smoother cut. So score first and then work on it to get the best out of your miter saws. This helps in the long run and helps you carve out better projects for sure.
  • 5. Keep work station clean - This one really helps you to execute work in a neat way. Imagine a pile of saw dust and wood shavings lying around, yes chances are high that you may not be able to concentrate on your present project with such clutter all over. It may get into eyes and start bothering you which is why it is always recommended that you keep a cleaner work station to work on. Plus remember the saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness” always.

Guide the maintenance, hygiene products

Maintaining the product is not too tough as you simply need to use it with care and do clean the blades regularly. If you notice any problems with the gadget then do get in touch with the company right away.

​These were a few of the Tips for Cleaner Miter Saw Cuts that you must have taken into consideration. All you need to do is have patience and work on your project. Yes you need to keep one more thing in your mind that miter saw will always leave jagged edges as that is their nature. It is a blend of your technique and skill that will be required to give your project the finish.


Question-1: What type of miter saw is best for you?

Question-2: What are the things that are required for self-safety?

Question-3: How much power should you need in my miter saw?

Question-4: Do you need to change the blades most frequently?


This is our simple buying guideline for buying the best miter saw for your work. You can consider our tips when buying the right miter saw for workshop. Always keep in mind that you should have good budget for buying the most powerful and efficient tool for working. Sometimes the people come with lower budget and expect to get higher efficiency from the tool. However, this is not really expected, therefore, choose the right way to purchase your tool and have wonderful working hours to create high quality furniture!


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